Space video games that should get their own movie or TV show

It’s taken some time, but we may be entering a golden age of video game adaptations thanks to, at least partially, streaming platforms. It seems like these stories are faring much better in television, which makes sense when we consider the sheer scope of most game universes and the sacrifices that must be made to fit all the essential information within a reasonable theatrical runtime – some recent films, such as Detective Pikachu or the two Sonic installments, appear to have dissipated the “video game movie curse” though.

We’ve had plenty of animated series that worked well enough in recent years, and the Halo TV series is leading the charge on Paramount Plus with a solid live-action effort which proves there’s hope out there for sizable projects based on video games. Next year, HBO’s The Last of Us will surely make some waves too. And if we look further ahead, famous properties such as Fallout, Mass Effect, and BioShock are next in line for live-action productions headed for streaming.

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