Petzl ACTIK CORE 450 headlamp review

The Petzl Actik Core 450 headlamp is a rechargeable, compact and multibeam headlamp with a dedicated red light mode. Petzl first started making headlamps in 2000, and since then, has modified their design to fit an array of uses (we are still actually using one we’ve had for about 15 years). This headlamp does almost everything you could ask for which is why it features in our guide to the best headlamps you can buy.

Key specifications

LED Color: White and Red
Brightness (Lumens): 450
Runtime: Between 2 and 130 hours depending on mode
Weight: 77g
Waterproof Rating: IPX4
Battery Type: CORE rechargeable battery
or 3 x AAA

The Petzl Actik Core 450 comes with the hybrid concept, meaning you can run it either with the CORE rechargeable battery or three regular AAA/LR03 batteries. It comes with the CORE battery, but you can also purchase one as a standalone product (opens in new tab) to use with any other Petzl Hybrid headlamps. One advantage of using the CORE battery over regular batteries is that the brightness will stay the same over its entire burn time. In contrast, the brightness will decrease with standard batteries as they lose their charge. The burn time is much less than regular batteries, but of course, the bonus is that you can recharge it, and thanks to the hybrid design, you can choose which energy source best your requirements.

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