The essence of the word “religion” – TPS – English

At the beginning of the sixth Septennium of the Plan, illuminated by its main goal, the “New World Religion”, we feel it is important to deepen together the etymology of “religion”, because the common rediscovery of this word is the solid and shining adamantine base that can encourage the vision of new reflections every year. … Read more

The 12 Festivals of the New World Religion – TPS – English

This year 6.1, the first of a seven-year period dedicated to the 6th Ray energy (Devotion and Abstract Idealism) and to the Idea of ​​a New World Religion, we intend to celebrate the dates of the full moonsthe sacred “doors” of alignment and synchronization between the three celestial symbols of human manifestation (Sun / Soul, … Read more

5.5 – Manifestation is the emergence of the divine Design – TPS – English

On December 21st started the sixth septennium of this Plan, which our conscience was able to identify, as a declination of the divine Plan on Earth. We have resounded the overall song of what will be celebrated during this extraordinary year, the impulse of the beginning of a seven-year period that was born under the … Read more

Environmental DNA reveals secret reef inhabitants

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain An international research team uses a global sampling of seawater to reveal which tropical reef fish occur where. To identify species and families, they successfully used the residual DNA shed by the animals present in the water. But not all fish can be traced in this way. Tropical coral reefs are … Read more

Perseverance Begins the Next Phase of its Mission, Studying an Ancient River Bed on Mars

On February 18, 2021, NASA’s Perseverance (Percy) Rover successfully landed in the dried-up lakebed known as Jezero Crater on Mars, beaming back images and video of its descent and landing to millions of space living on the planet that built and launched fans This incredible robotic explorer. With this landing came enormous excitement for a … Read more

The Newer Esotericism – TPS – English

At the new moon of Pisces, Sign that rules Humanity as a planetary Center, we publish the following writing by José B. ( Towards a comprehensive definition of what esotericism basically is, worded in modern language and grounded in the Teachings. Esotericism comprises the study of that which is concealed and hidden and which, even … Read more

Adding high-flavonoid corn to broiler chickens’ diet may cut intestinal disease

The anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of flavonoids play a key role in the control of disease. The researchers suggest that high-flavonoid corn may serve as an effective alternative for improving health and performance in the absence of antimicrobials in chickens. Credit: Gino Lorenzoni/Penn State The inclusion of a high-flavonoid corn, developed by a Penn State … Read more