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Today we celebrate the fifth of the 12 Festivals of the new world Religion, the Full Moon of Taurus, the festival aimed at asserting the Will to release Light and Beauty.

Taurus holds the secret of Light, that reveals the Sound and illuminates the initiate. It leads from illusion to spiritual reality; the eye of the cosmic Bull is the eye of revelation and from it light pours radiantly forth upon the sons of men, whose individual vision must open up, in response to this cosmic light. Its motto reads: “I see and when the Eye is opened, all is light.”
Light, Illumination and Sound, as an expression of the creative force, are the three fundamental ideas connected to this constellation.

The “interpreter of the divine voice”, as Taurus was called in ancient Egypt, can be paraphrased into Christian terminology and called “the Word made flesh“. Taurus is associated with the Buddha – “Illumination through struggle“and the Christ –”Light of the world“.

Taurus, the divine Bull, is also the main incentive of lifewhich fosters evolution through the powerful force of Desire, which is transformed first into Aspiration and then into Will.
The entire secret of divine purpose and planning is hidden in this sign, owing fundamentally to the relation of the Pleiades to the constellation, the Great Bear, and to our solar system. (…) The underlying goal of the evolutionary process—“the onward rush of the Bull of God,” as it is esoterically called—reveals steadily and without cessation the stupendous and sublime plan of Deity. This is the subject which light reveals.” (Esoteric Astrology, p. 376)

Taurus, together with the opposite sign, Scorpio, conveys in the zodiacal field the pure fourth Ray, which here is expressed as Beauty, while in Scorpio it reveals itself as Harmony.

The Will, the Agent of Life, is powerful in Taurus, a sign which is ruled, for disciples and initiates, by Vulcan (1st Ray, “heart of the Sun); Vulcan “manages and is the solar Will which, at the human level, is essentially manifested as persistence.

Vulcan, the blacksmith who forges metals, works in the densest and most concrete expression (for humanity) of the natural world. He delves into the depths to look for the material on which to exercise his innate art and give shape to the beautiful and the useful. He therefore stands for the soul, that is, the individual, inner and spiritual Man.


Today, on the day of the full moon, which coincides with the great festival of Wesak, immersed in the energy of the sign and united with all those who in every time and in every place work to restore the divine Plan on Earth, let us impress in space

the Will to release Light and Beauty

Much has been said, even in these pages, about Beauty, “the splendor of truth”, which in the Lambdoma of Ideas has been defined as “the sign of Being“.

“He who sought perfection could have found through Beauty the powerful laws of Being.” (Agni Yoga Fiery World III § 23)

“Work has already been called prayer. The highest unity and quality of labor arises from its rhythm. The best quality of work brings forth the rhythm of the Beautiful. Each labor contains within itself the concept of the Beautiful. Labor, prayer, beauty—all are faces of the great crystal of Existence.” (Agni Yoga — AUM § 322)

“Beauty is, after all, as much of divinity as can be expressed through any one form… form and life are one. There is naught but life in manifestation.” (Alice Bailey — Discipleship in the New Age vol. I, p. 279)

In fact, every form, whether manifest or not, is built around a core of Beauty: the Life that animates it and the Light that reveals it. Humanity is able to recognise it and it is through the experience of Beauty that it carries out its function of intermediary between Earth and Heaven, of the fourth creative Hierarchy, settling on the buddhic plane, where: “The eye is opened and all is Light“. Then it is able to bring out the powerful essence of the Beautiful, through the creativity of thought and word, working with sound, with colour, shaping the raw material and, finally, transforming its own existence into a work of art.
This is our destiny and we should learn, as the Master of Agni Yoga teaches, to “Repeat Beauty again and again, even amidst tears, until you reach the predestined.”
And furthermore:

“(..) If you desire the gates to be opened to you, use My Sign.
I said Beauty, in combat and victory.
I said Beauty, and failure was covered by Beauty.
Mountains blossomed with Beauty.
And you must give entrance to the flowers of Beauty.
Let the children approach.
Bow before Him Who brought the Beauty of the great Universe.

Understand, there are no possessions—nor decisions, nor pride, nor repentance.
There is one thing alone—Beauty.
And to you I say:
Guard, expound, and affirm this Beauty.
Therein lies your way.

With Beauty shall I meet those who will come to Me.
And they are already on their way.

(Agni Yoga — Leaves of Morya’s garden I § 333)


And it is Beauty that reveals to the mind of the heart

The Mystery of Light


Light is the rhythmic motion of Fire

Just as all that is, is Life, all that exists, whether manifest or not, is Light, the daughter of Fire, the Life that generates and multiplies itselfand of infinite Space, and it is evoked by Sound: the fiery impulse of Life.

“Light is movement. It is, in fact, the maximum dynamism […] Light blends continuous and discontinuous, thus cycles are born, which are ‘continuously discontinuous’. For these reasons it is argued that Light is the cause of all movements. The Will fixes the purpose; the Space welcomes it and lends it the necessary substances; the Light reaches it [the purpose]. That is Motion. Light realizes evolution […] Light is the energy that moves things and consciousnesses; it leads to the goal, and there is no other reason for motion.”

“Centre and periphery love each other, and for love the center explodes in myriads of rays, in every direction, towards the circumference. For love, this implodes, simultaneously, and launches its waves towards the center. The ONE and the TWO come together. This is how Light is born.”

Light is divine Intelligence
“It is transcendent. It has no forms of its own, but designs them all. Only that which is formless is able to show the various and changing aspects of things.
Light, the divine Intelligence, is expressed and manifests itself at all levels of the spatial Substance, with different laws. It is physical, emotional, mental, supermundane, but it remains not-separate.” […]
“Light is the universal creative power”. […] “Divine Intelligence creates things while thinking them”.

Light is spatial magnetic Love
“The set of waves can be called, with some reason, ‘dark Light’, or ‘Light without light’. It is not imperceptible, as these expressions lead us to believe. Think of the dark background of the night sky, which makes the stars visible, and therefore is active, operating, and highlights them: it is the manifestation of the dark Light.”
“Whoever is endowed with a minimum of mental Light recognises it at twilight, in the morning and in the evening, when the power of bright Intelligence is not yet fully expressed or is already mitigating its vigour: love is captured in those moments, because the light waves, precisely then, do not cast shadows, do not push, but surround and embrace things and creatures.”

Light is joy
As a matter of fact, a characteristic of joy is radiance. It is not happiness, which is quiet and intimate, it is not yet bliss, which is supreme and indifferent. Joy communicates, conveys, illuminates, overwhelms. The rays cast the penetrating joy of divine Intelligence into Space.
Nature, immersed in those rays and touched by them, is pervaded with joy: for this reason plants and herbs bloom, minerals crystallise and the sea and sky smile. The joy of living sings in puppies, in children (the cares of existence have not yet dampened it), and in the hearts of the elderly, if they have lived well.”

(Enzio Savoini, Lecture notes of the 3rd Septennium. Theory of Light I-II, unpublished paper, September-November 2001)

Light designs the Universe and colors it



In this year 6.1, the first of a septennium dedicated to the Idea of ​​a New World Religionwe intend to celebrate the dates of the full moonsthe sacred “doors” of alignment and synchronization between the three celestial symbols of manifestation, human (Sun/Soul, Earth/Personality, Moon/Bodies) and planetary (Planetary Hierarchy, Humanity, lower Kingdoms), associating them with 12 Mysteries and Ideas/Formulascorresponding to the causal energies of each Sign of the Zodiac, by virtue of the fact that, according to the esoteric perspective, the Heart of Heaven is the Great Master of Masters.
The sequence of the Mysteries which each of the signs of the Zodiac embodies will be clarified for us by the Christ, because the public consciousness today demands something more definite and spiritually real than modern astrology, or all the pseudo-occultism so widely extant.(A.A. Bailey, The Reappearance of the Christ, p. 127).

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