Five canceled sci-fi shows that got a second chance

One of the dangers of getting attached to a science fiction show is that it can be canceled at any time. That’s a risk with any television show but a sci-fi show’s higher special effects budget is certainly going to be a consideration when considering whether or not to renew it.

We wouldn’t mind if it was just the bad shows that got the can, but some of the best sci-fi tv shows of all time have been canceled over the years. However, by some sweet miracle, canceled shows do occasionally get to claw their way back onto our screens, especially if there are enough people craving a conclusion. Sure, there are some relentlessly toxic “fans” out there, whose awfulness has been amplified by the internet and that’s never okay. But there are others who just want to know whether Lt. Sideiron saved the world and declared her love for the alien queen.

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