May’s lunar eclipse and a wild-card meteor shower may offer double spectacle

May offers an unusual skywatching bounty: the possibility of two major celestial highlights occurring within the span of a single month. The first, a total lunar eclipseis a certainty, but the second, a potentially strong meteor shower at month’s end, is a wild card. Here’s what you need to know to prepare for both skywatching … Read more

Meet Elliott Tanner, the 13-year-old who just got his college degree in physics

A child science prodigy has wowed his professors and classmates by becoming a college graduate at the age of 13. Elliott Tanner recently graduated from the University of Minnesota with a bachelor’s degree in physics, with a minor in mathematics. “I feel ecstatic,” Elliott, a Minnesota resident, told Live Science. “It is a truly surreal … Read more

Space Blocs: The future of international cooperation in space is splitting along lines of power on Earth

In the next decade, both a US-led group and a collaboration between Russia and China aim to set up bases on the moon. (Image credit: Theasis/iStock via Getty Images) This article was originally published at The Conversation. The contributed the article to’s Expert Voices: Op-Ed & Insights. Svetla Ben-ItzhakAssistant Professor of Space and International … Read more

Time travel could be possible, but only with parallel timelines

If time travel were possible, it would mean the existence of parallel timelines. (Image credit: Shutterstock) This article was originally published at The Conversation. The contributed the article to’s Expert Voices: Op-Ed & Insights. Barak ShoshanyAssistant Professor, Physics, Brock University Have you ever made a mistake that you wish you could undo? Correcting past … Read more

Crew-4 is off to the Station

Name someone who at some point in their life didn’t want to be an astronaut. The answer is no one. Ask any kid what they want to be when they grow up and they all say an astronaut. Being an astronaut is the ultimate dream job for everyone of all ages. Why? Because you get … Read more

‘Star Trek’ wisdom with ‘Phasers on Stun!’ book exclusive

Steeped in the legends and lore of the vast “Star Trek” franchise, veteran journalist Ryan Britt has been enamored of the space opera sensation ever since dressing up as a pint-size Spock for Halloween as a third-grader. Britt’s new retrospective guide, “Phasers on Stun!: How the Making (and Remaking) of Star Trek Changed the World,” … Read more

10 New Merger Events in Gravitational-Wave Data – Sky & Telescope

Simulated image of the merger of a black hole binary. SXS Lensing The united LIGO, Virgo, and KAGRA (LVK) collaborations have so far tallied 90 gravitational-wave events, almost all of which were the merger of two black holes. Of the total, 44 were caught during the first half of the detectors’ third observing run, called … Read more

Titan is an Alien World, but Surprisingly Familiar

Saturn’s largest moon, Titan, is a fascinating and mysterious world, a world literally shrouded in mystery due to thick clouds that cameras imaging in the visible spectrum cannot penetrate. This was made apparent when NASA’s Pioneer 11 became the first spacecraft to fly past Titan in 1979, and then NASA’s Voyager 1 and 2 in … Read more

SpaceX launches Falcon 9 booster for second time in three weeks – Spaceflight Now

SpaceX fires a Falcon 9 rocket into the sky over Cape Canaveral with 53 more Starlink internet satellites. Credit: Michael Cain / Spaceflight Now / Coldlife Photography SpaceX continued throttling up its launch rate with another Starlink mission from Cape Canaveral Friday, up a rapid recycle with a Falcon 9 first stage booster flying for … Read more