Researchers aim to accurately monitor subsurface carbon dioxide storage

2 content achieved high scores and similar indices, confirming the reliability of the results. Credit: Siddharth Misra/Texas A&M Engineering” width=”500″ height=”209″/> Three different workflow visualizations detecting five levels of CO2 content achieved high scores and similar indices, confirming the reliability of the results. Credit: Siddharth Misra/Texas A&M Engineering Capturing and storing carbon dioxide (CO2) deep … Read more

We must halve our energy use to avoid climate catastrophe, according to new modeling

If global energy continues consuming its trajectory, renewable energy won’t be able to replace all fossil fuels by 2050. Credit: Unsplash. Renewable energy transition won’t come fast enough to solve the climate crisis—we also need to reduce global energy consumption, according to new research from UNSW Sydney. The research, recently published in Climate Policy, models … Read more

New earthquake assessments strengthen preparation in Europe

Earthquake risk describes the estimated economic and humanitarian consequences of potential earthquakes. Credit: EFEHR During the 20th century, earthquakes in Europe accounted for more than 200,000 deaths and over 250 billion Euros in losses. Comprehensive earthquake hazard and risk assessments are crucial to reducing the effects of catastrophic earthquakes because earthquakes cannot be prevented nor … Read more

Bird populations in eastern Canada declining due to forest ‘degradation,’ research shows

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Bird species that live in wooded areas are under stress from human-caused changes to forest composition, according to new research led by Oregon State University that quantifies the effects of forest “degradation” on bird habitat. “Reducing forest loss has been the main focus of conservation policy to date, which is well … Read more

Financial insecurity left hospitality workers more vulnerable to customer and management abuse during COVID

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain Hospitality workers felt less able to challenge and negotiate bad practice or unsafe working conditions during the coronavirus pandemic, a new study shows. Workers feeling less financially secure, particularly those on zero-hour contracts, said they couldn’t raise concerns about health and safety with their bosses. These findings have been released today, … Read more

How quantum weirdness is improving electron microscopes

A scanning electron microscope at the UO’s CAMCOR facility. Physicist Ben McMorran and his team have come up with a way to improve the performance of the research tool. Credit: University of Oregon Quantum weirdness is opening new doors for electron microscopes, powerful tools used for high-resolution imaging. Two new advances from the lab of … Read more

Team creates map for production of eco-friendly metals

Jaclyn Lunger is first author of a paper detailing the reactions–at the atomic level–behind an eco-friendly way to produce metals. Credit: Yang Shao-Horn, MIT In work that could usher in more efficient, eco-friendly processes for the production of important metals like lithium, iron and cobalt, researchers from MIT and SLAC have mapped what is happening … Read more

New study finds climate change could spark the next pandemic

In 2070, human population centers in equatorial Africa, south China, India, and southeast Asia will overlap with projected hotspots of cross-species viral transmission in wildlife. Credit: Colin Carlson/Georgetown University As the earth’s climate continues to warm, researchers predict wild animals will be forced to relocate their habitats—likely to regions with large human populations—dramatically increasing the … Read more

Earth’s atmosphere may be source of some lunar water

The image shows the distribution of surface ice at the moon’s south pole (left) and north pole (right), detected by NASA’s Moon Mineralogy Mapper instrument in 2009. Blue represents the ice locations, and the gray scale corresponds to surface temperature. Credit: NASA Hydrogen and oxygen ions escaping from Earth’s upper atmosphere and combining on the … Read more

Bat box design and placement matter for energy balance in endangered bats

The research team with newly installed rocket boxes. Pictured, left to right: Joy O’Keefe, Francis Tillman, Reed Crawford, Luke Dodd, and Evan Moser. Credit: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Imagine if you had to catch every bite of your dinner with your mouth, while flying, in the dark. You’d be exhausted, and probably pretty hungry. … Read more