Planetary Volatiles Laboratory: There and Back Again: A MAPLE Tale

Various comments about MAPLE by Charissa Campbell This summer was quite busy as we were preparing for the deployment of our MAPLE (Mars Atmospheric Panoramic camera and Laser Experiment) instrument to the highly foggy area of ​​Argentia, Newfoundland. There are two main field testing sites for MAPLE which includes a foggy location (large aerosols) and … Read more

NASA’s Perseverance rover investigates geologically rich Mars terrain — ScienceDaily

NASA’s Perseverance rover is well into its second science campaign, collecting rock-core samples from features within an area long considered by scientists to be a top prospect for finding signs of ancient microbial life on Mars. The rover has collected four samples from an ancient river delta in the Red Planet’s Jezero Crater since July … Read more

A ‘grazing encounter’ may have smashed the moon to bits to form Saturn’s rings, a new study suggests — ScienceDaily

Swirling around the planet’s equator, the rings of Saturn are a dead giveaway that the planet is spinning at a tilt. The belted giant rotates at a 26.7-degree angle relative to the plane in which it orbits the sun. Astronomers have long suspected that this tilt comes from gravitational interactions with its neighbor Neptune, as … Read more

Full Moon of Virgo – The Mystery of Form – TPS – English

Today we celebrate the ninth of the 12 Festivals of the new world Religion, the Full Moon of Virgo, the festival aimed at asserting the Will to nourish and manifest the Christ and at grasping and understanding, through the consciousness of the Disciple-Humanity, the Mystery of Form, since Form is the crystal of Creation, the … Read more

Geological discoveries hint at conditions when life arose on Earth — and possibly on Mars — ScienceDaily

The accepted view of Mars is red rocks and craters as far as the eye can see. That’s much what scientists expected when they landed the rover Perseverance in the Jezero Crater, a spot chosen partly for the crater’s history as a lake and as part of a rich river system, back when Mars had … Read more

Life – TPS – English

The word Life, which we generally use in very different contexts without paying particular attention to it, substantiates a powerful thought, since it evokes the supreme foundation underlying all of Creation, that “Boundless Immutable Principle; one Absolute Reality which, anticedes all manifested conditioned Being”which is “beyond the range and reach of any human thought or … Read more