BlissLights Starport USB star projector mini review

The BlissLights USB Starport star projector is one of the smallest star projectors we’ve ever reviewed and tested. In our BlissLights Sky Lite 2.0 Star Projector review earlier this year, we concluded that the 2.0 is a handy device that creates a fun way to see and create lights that are comparable to deep space imagery and stars, albeit not scientific.

BlissLights Starport USB star projector: Key specs

Size: 19D x 38W x 64H millimetres
Bulb Type:
Class 2 Laser
sleep timer:
Projection Surface:
30 x 30 ft / 10 x 10 m

It gives the user creative control over the colors, lasers, speed and patterns thanks to its app functionality and this is somewhat paralleled in the USB Starport. We were intrigued when testing the BlissLights Starport USB star projector. It didn’t seem to offer much at all in the way of functionality but still boasted over 6000 reviews on Amazon (opens in new tab) earning it a respectable 4.5 out of 5 stars, with many of the reviews raving about how good it is. We wanted to try it out for ourselves.

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