Best Budget Cameras: Picks from Canon, Olympus, Sony and more

It was a while ago, but certainly within recent memory, that even relatively rudimentary digital camera setups cost a great deal of money. These days, with developing technology and a much more comprehensive range of sensors and systems on the market, you can still purchase high-quality digital cameras for a fraction of the price they were even a few years ago.

If you’re looking at getting started with image making, want to learn a specific style of photography like astrophotography, or are simply looking for something affordable to take on vacation, a budget sub $500 camera is well worth a look. Although they don’t offer the exact technical specifications as semi-professional or professional full-frame cameras, they will do a perfectly adequate job for most people and provide an excellent platform to build your craft. Additionally, some of the compact options for the price offer a great deal of portability for travel and vlogging — a few on our list here even feature 4K video and the ability to add additional accessories for filmmaking such as monitors and microphones, a nice feature for the money.

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