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Understood in an absolute sense, Order is a spiritual, essential and therefore unlimited and permanent value. When it is cyclically manifested, it takes on always new and different forms and aspects, but the essence remains unchanged. (Excerpt from the unpublished paper by Enzio Savoini, order, 1987 – revised 2001)

In absolute terms, Order is inherent to the timeless Reality, the supreme foundation of Creation, that “Boundless Immutable Principle; one Absolute Reality which, antecedes all manifested conditioned Being.. (AA Bailey, A Treatise On Cosmic Fire, p. 3)

“…if the universe as a whole is formed out of the Eternal One Substance or Essence, it is not that everlasting Essence, the Absolute Deity, that builds it into shape; this is done by the first Rays, the Angels or Dhyan Chohans, [they are the Hierarchies of the “Builders” and the Architects of the Universe and of living things on earth] that emanate from the One Element, which periodically becomes Light and Darkness, remains eternally, in its Root-Principle, the one unknown yet existing Reality.” (Helena P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine – Vol. 3)

The Order, when it reveals itself in Existence, serves the One Life, the Reality that is and existsmanifests it without depriving it of Its transcendence, identifying with Its purpose: “the progressive and all-encompassing order, the Hierarchy of what’s best, of the beautiful and of the good”, the Order of divine Creators.

“…upon closer inspection, [the order] units, through a development, the beginning to the end; command, execution and fulfillment.(from The Solar System in Space by Enzio Savoini, available only in Italian)

It is interesting, in this regard, to observe that the etymology of the word Order originates from the Latin ordo, ordered arrangement, composed of the Indo-European root *AR-/*OR-/*UR-, which indicates “movement towards”, “motion in order to unite”, and from the ending “-do” which expresses a condition, a state: the idea of ​​going, of proceeding, so that each element assumes the position it deserves. It should be noted that the word communicates the concept of maintaining (given by the ending) a dynamic order (given by the root): the order is constantly renewed.

The entire power of the Order therefore indicates the rhythmic principle of lifewhich presses and pushes towards the goal: its Will is to lead all minor entities or realities to all-embracing Freedom, to Being.

And this is possible only by following the common and harmonious Order of the Number and conforming to it:

One of the few features that contemporaries recognize to number is order: numbers and order are similar. We do not go further, but we admit that any sorting or arrangement must ultimately be based on number, which therefore, for this aspect, is recognized as an antidote to chance. The numerical ordering is perfectly adaptable to any circumstance, because first and last always coincide. Beginning and end, in higher mathematics, are a single identity, a very powerful universal equation:


which manifests he true order, the only possible order that allows everything to be equal. What order would be possible if beginning and end diverged? (Enzio Savoini, Lecture notes of the 3rd Septnium. On Numberunpublished paper, May 2002).

“The Order is identified with its own purpose, which is specifically the global order for the Common Good.

The Order is the Will and the Power that exercises it. Without order there is no power and the presence of authentic power is inseparable from order.

The supreme pinnacle of the Common Good is freedom, absolute and ultimate for all entities, and the Order tends precisely to this single purpose; it doesn’t limit freedom, but rather expands it. Where systems without freedom operate, one always discovers the presence of a pseudo-power, illegitimate, transitory and a true adversary of the Common Good.” (Excerpt from the unpublished paper by E. Savoini, Order, 1987 – revised 2001)

“Order thrives on freedom, and true freedom is possible only through Order.”

“The Universe works and stays together in freedom because it is One, because it is governed by absolute Unity, because it is an unlimited communion of relative units.” (E. Savoini, Expanding consciousness2002, unpublished paper)

“… Unity is the supreme effect of order, which nullifies distinctions and dispels chaos.” (E. Savoini, Lecture notes of the 3rd Septnium. Partition of Unityunpublished paper, April 2001).

The whole of existence is governed by number, which is the Order and Name of things

and is






Order *

Let’s make the keynote resound in a new and powerful way:

Order is Freedom

“Freedom is an essential spiritual attribute, underlying the entire evolutionary process…”.

“Freedom is the keynote for the world disciple today, and it is freedom to live, freedom to think and freedom to know and plan, which humanity demands at this time….”

“One achieved freedom only opens the door to another and wider freedom ahead… This Way leads them in awareness and consciousness and experience into that “life more abundantly” of which Christ spoke…. (AA BaileyRays and the Initiations, pp. 428, 684, 389)

“… freedom dwells in the Light of Hierarchy.” (Fiery World II § 84)

“…Only true discernment of the indestructibility of freedom permits adherence to collective labour. Only through such true mutual respect can we attain the realization of harmonious labor—in other words, attain active good…”. (Fiery World I § 288)

life and Order, Beginning and Endare the alpha (1.1) and omega (7.7) of the Ideas of the Absolutewhich orders according to the sound Model the primary Ideas of the New Culture in the science of Harmonics they are connected to Unison and Tone.

It can be said that Sound is constantly launched to conquer the Infinite, which is saturated with luminous traces of sound intervals, hierarchically ordered, to which the forms will hold on cyclically. … There is an immediate analogy with the Teaching of the Tibetan Master, who says that Life informs the universe through seven creative Powers, the Seven Rays… The seventh is the Ray of Ceremonial Order or Organization. (E. Savoini, rituals ’92, unpublished paper)

“…the seventh interval is what fixes, concretizes, arranges and divides. From its hands a fabric originates, a net that is as intricate as regular and skillfully made. The great Work started by the supreme Master, by Unison, is thus accomplished in its final form. The canvas is finished, the drawing appears. What the transcendent weaver (the Fifth) thought and wanted finds its manifested accomplishment through the seventh Master.

But this is not a conclusive action; it is the start of a new journey, since the life imprisoned in this canvas must finally free itself and go back to its original source. From the Tone the first impulses of this ascent depart, and thus the work of the first interval, of which the seventh is the reflection, repeats and restarts again.

The Tone is thus the seventh Ray (which is the closest to the first), the Master of Ceremonies, the Messenger, the Guardian, the Magician, the Master of rites, the Canon…”. (from The Creating Sound)

Through the intervention of the seventh Quality, forms come to life, everywhere in the Universe. It acts freely but according to the law, with love, in space, following a programme, in beauty, with multiple measures but faithful to a single model. From its regular work, a living Order is born, which is added, without confusion, to the eternal Order.” (E. Savoini, Rituals ’92)

A cosmic hierarchy soars towards the Absolute, arranged in ascending order of relative freedom.

Heaven is orderly and a symbol of supreme order.
This is a reality that fears no refutation, and it is the most stable basis for building any process, because its laws apply to both the formal and spiritual worlds. If one observes the motion of the Sun, which builds day by day a year without ever repeating its magic because the days always have different contents, one perceives the rhythm of a breath and the celebration of a ritual…
The seventh quality of the Heavens is a sacred, ceremonial, majestic order… It is the simplest and clearest of lessons, since it “shows how it is done”, how one lives aboard a spaceship launched towards distant but known goals…
He who looks at Heaven orders himself. By very subtle ways the seventh virtue reorients and reorders everything in man, from his mental state to his emotional and physical ones.” (from Heavens in us by E. Savoini, unpublished paper)

There is no evading the process of ceremonial living. It is unconsciously recognized, blindly followed, and constitutes the great discipline of the rhythmic breathing of life itself. The Deity works with ritual and is subjected to the ceremonials of the universe. The seven rays come into activity and pass out again under the rhythmic and ritualistic impulse of the divine Life. Thus is the temple of the Lord built by the ceremonial of the Builders.” (AA Bailey, Esoteric Psychology I, p. 365)

“The concept of God in all its grandeur is clarified on the basis of Hierarchy (Order). Only thus can the Highest Concept emerge from abstraction and blend with all Existence.” (Fiery World II § 188)

“Learning to recognize the constructive, subtle and secret work of the Order, both in the past and in the present, without deviating from it, is an indispensable part of the higher education of mankind and, in short, of anyone who aspires to establish himself in the world as a real element of active Order. Whoever accepts within himself the truth of the Order becomes its bearer, and is part of that host of luminous entities that build the final victory with sacrifice; he shares its free discipline, its labors and joys. (Excerpt from the unpublished paper by E. Savoini, order, 1987 – revised 2001)

“…Let us not forget, that when order is brought about, and united thought produced on the mental plane, then order transpires eventually onto the physical plane.” (AA Bailey, A Treatise On Cosmic Fire, p. 361)

The Spirits of the planetary community who recognize themselves as members of the One Humanity are called to learn Ordered Activity according to the Law of Sound, to empower the building of the future, to manifest a living Order in the multiformity of the Grand Design, and to regenerate globalOrder on Earth.

The cose tutte quante hanno ordine tra loro,
e questo è format che l’universo a Dio fa somigliante
(All things, what they be, an order have among themselves;
and form this order is, which makes the Universe resemble God.
Dante Alighieri The Divine Comedy, Paradise I, 103)


This article is published to celebrate today’s union in Taurus, between the celestial Uranus (7th Ray), the Lord of Rhythm and Order, of Rituals and ceremonial Magic, “He that is making all things new” (the greatest evolutionary accelerator of Consciousness), and the Earth (3rd R.), the Disciple, the Sphere of experience.

* from Genesis of Order

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