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According to the unifying score of our annual Canto (see 2022 Solar Rituality and Ephemerides), from the Generator Lambdoma of the Genesis of Ideasa philosophical attempt to “square the circle” of the absolute life, we have:

2.4 QUALITYQuality is the essential nature.

4.2 FIELD – The Field is the Space qualified by the Centre.

This Polarity of Ideas expresses and spreads out the primary relationship between:

2.2 SPACE Space is Infinity fecundated by Life


4.4 MODEL – The Model is the reflection of Life.

Life is comprised of an eternal succession of ideas and of manifestations of cosmic energies. How can a spirit who does not project his thought into the realm of ideas adopt the concept of Infinity! (Infinity I § 96)

Space is the primordial Substance from which all is made. It is the Chalice that contains Life, the Fire. Space is the Field in which all sounds are born, unfolding harmonically in a play of symmetries reflecting the Modela dialogue with all beings in which waves of magnetic and luminous energy ask and answer, according to directions and cycles, and from this interaction qualified worlds, in perfect harmony with the Model, emerge. But Space is also Love, and Love is harmony; it reduces distinctions and progressively brings back the manifold to the One. The cosmic heart beats in systoles and diastoles, abundantly distributing the sonorous flow of life. It is also called the Infinite, the Mother of the World, the universal magnetic field, cosmic love, the absolute Octave.

“The Octave is a limit interval, therefore it is a symbol adapted to define a field, a sphere, a world, a system. The idea of ​​“all octaves” (or absolute Octave), perfectly expresses the concept of Universal space, a cosmic container of infinite correlations, or sounds, which magnetises according to their inherent quality.

The octave represented by the Mother (2.4) and the Intermediary of the Divineis an interval or spatial polarity, is “harmony in an infinite field where Space and Christ are identified (“the Lord of Space”, Buddhi: the Christian Principle, or Love-Wisdom). This polarity reveals contemplation and imitation as the active functions of the Heart to ascend, to love and reflect the Infinite and its unlimited symmetries, to learn to “construct subjective works destined to manifest”. (Asserting the Planetary PlanVrtexes 2.4-4.2)

“Free from all limits, the Absolute is the One, undifferentiated and solitary. In the manifestation it is infinite, homogeneous Space: it is therefore an absolute Fielddominated by an absolute Centre, which is Life” (Enzio Savoini, Lecture notes of the 3rd Sept. Lesson on Geometryunpublished text, April 2003).

And Space is the Field of life; it is the silence in which Quality, colouring all forms, listens and sings, weaving with its melodies sound tapestries. That Silence is a full and coherent field, a perfect harmony. When it radiates from its Center and allows itself to be perceived, it is the purity of contemplation. When it is a moment of grace, of identification between the contemplator and the contemplated, it becomes sudden joy, the Fire that consumes duality.

The Model is the reflection of life. “That is why it was taught in the inner temples that this visible universe of Spirit and Matter is but the concrete image of ideal abstraction, which was built upon the Model of the first Divine Idea. Therefore, our Universe existed from eternity in a latent state” (HP Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine, Vol. ICosmogenesis).

The One is contemplated through the divine “eye of the heart” until the contemplator exclaims: “I saw my Lord through the eye of the heart, and I said to Him: Who art Thou? He said: You!” (Al-Hallaj, Mystic Poems).

“You are not this body, you are that spiritual eye… That which the eye of man has beheld, that is what it becomes” (Mawlana, Divani Shamsi Tabriz).

“Questions evoke answers. Imitation evokes the reality of the Model. There is a way to question without words; and a way of imitating in silence, with an eye fixed on what is Real.

Responses to the adoring gaze come as images of regular and sacred beauty.” (Enzio Savoini, Rituals 92).

The soul is the quality that manifests in all forms. The One, in manifesting itself, refracts as a prism which colors all forms with that subtle something, that energy which characterizes them in essence and differentiates them from one another. Quality is expressed by seven fundamental aspects or differentiations, a septenary set of energies, and each energy produces different effects and appearances which veil the quality. This is the first series of harmonics.

“Quality… embodies the second ray aspect… It is the Christ or Vishnu aspect; it is the sentient consciousness aspect of deity in form (…). The quality that emerges through the process of manifesting, and under the impulse of the divine Life, is love, which functions through the medium of the Law of Attraction, with the aim of producing an ultimate synthesis in consciousness. (…) Let us not forget that the objective of our present evolutionary process is the unfoldment of conscious awareness (…). Quality, in the last analysis, is neither more nor less than the nature of that awareness, and the response in terms of quality to sentient contact. (…) In the fourth kingdom the emerging quality is that aspect of synthetic love or understanding which is the intuition. (Alice A. Bailey, Esoteric Psychology I, p. 193, 199).

Man, in raising his eyes to Heaven, opens himself to the contemplation of the Model, which is the Way, the Truth and the Life, the cosmic Christ who welcomes in His heart the polyphony of creation. The soul, the qualitylistens and responds.

Space is the Life field where quality reflects the Model.


This article is published on the occasion of the heliocentric conjunction between Jupiter (2nd Ray) and Mercury (4th Ray), in Pisces.

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